Darla Donley - Where Fine Art and Fun Come Together

Darla Donley - Where Fine Art and Fun Come Together

Coconut Barrel

When Coconut Barrel, The Artisan Market opened its doors close to 3 years ago, Darla Donley Art was one of the first artisans to book a booth in our handmade Artisan Market.

It is only fitting our next blog post honors Darla who has been a Coconut Barrel regular, spreading her love for art and fun flavor!

Darla is a Certified Portrait Instructor (Valerie Stewart), a MazArt Associate Painting Partner (MAPP), a Wilson Bickford Trained Teacher (WBTT), a Bob Ross instructor (landscape and floral), and has taken numerous classes with Robert Warren and Kevin Hill. 

Darla's passion is to teach people how to paint portraits using one of the old masters technique.  She enjoys teaching wet-on-wet oil painting techniques, traditional oil painting, palette knife, finger painting, portrait paintings. She also likes to paint and teach fun art using acrylic and resin.  She enjoys using a wide variety of techniques so her students are always learning something new. 

Darla is also a proud instructor for multiple workshops and classes hosted at Coconut Barrel!


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