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Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What will my booth look like?
Answer: That is entirely up to you!  Coconut Barrel rents out space, and each artisan tailors their own booth, decorations, and displays to match their character and style!  Coconut Barrel does not provide display material or stands. 
Question: What kind of products are you looking for?
Answer: Handmade items.  
Question: What is the application process?
Answer: Filling out the form below is the first step to achieving your small business goal!  Upon submission of the form, a jury of fellow artisans will review the information you provided.  Upon review, we will reach out to you. 
Question: What are you looking for in artists?
Answer: Customer demand is on the top of our list.  We understand your product sells quite quickly in other locations; however, we may have a different clientele than you.  The second biggest factor we are looking for is the ability to market yourself using all available channels.  We look at your social media pages and how you are directing your customers to buy your items.

Question: What does Coconut Barrel do for the Artist?
Answer: Renting a booth allows you to operate your business without the traditional overhead of operating a brick and mortar store.  Coconut Barrel provides the basics such as employee training, opening 6 days a week, providing artist with daily sales reports, paying sales tax, and the million and a half other things needed to keep a store open.

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