Local Books at the Barrel!

Local Books at the Barrel!


Locally “crafted” books highlighting favorite St. Augustine landmarks and attractions are available at Coconut Barrel as part of a collection of books by local writers. Many of the books are penned by members of the long-standing St. Augustine-based Professional Writers Group.

Writing a historical novel, a children’s book, a memoir, a cookbook, or a self-help guidebook, is truly an art! The craft of writing involves many steps—more than you can imagine. In this respect, the authors share the same work ethic as artisans. Writers have an unquenchable desire to craft the next bestseller. The book-writing process calls for intense scrutiny to detail and multitudes of edits and re-writes. And to help capture the setting and tell the story descriptively, authors often employ artists to design an attention-getting cover, interior text formatting, and the book’s illustrations.

The collection of local author’s books at Coconut Barrel represents just some of the many writers who call St. Augustine and the First Coast their home. Just as St. Augustine attracts many artists, it is also home to many talented and award-winning authors. It is interesting to note Thomas Graham who wrote “Mr. Flagler’s St. Augustine” gives a shout out to artists and writers who helped shape Henry Flagler’s vision for the City -- women who wrote tourist’s books, artists who decorated the hotels, and artisans who built the structures that provide so much inspiration and beauty.

It is no wonder Coconut Barrel’s book collection includes stories based in St. Augustine. Local attractions, historical buildings, sights, sounds, and flavors of the Ancient City provide a wonderful backdrop for the writer and artist. These books truly celebrate the spirit of artistry that surrounds us.

If you are hunting for the perfect gift, why not give the gift of a book. Most books are signed by the author and written by locals with the intent to be shared and enjoyed!

Reading, especially during the current stay-at-home mandate, provides relief from stress while improving brain function. Books are capable of more than entertainment, they also provide a workout for the brain, and can even improve memory. Exercising the brain by escaping into a good story is essential to keeping your brain well-fed. After all, the brain is the most complex organ in the body and is the center of the body’s command center and deserves a variety of well-written stories and novels!

From a children’s book available at Coconut Barrel, here are a few lines from “Oooh! Santa’s Toys Disappear in St. Augustine” written by M.J. Hayes and illustrated by Deborah Anastos. M.J. is a long-time resident and a member of the St. Augustine Professional Writers Group.

Santa Meets Maximo at The Alligator Farm

Santa asked, did you eat my toys? Where could they be?

Crocs don’t like them, they’re not for me.

I love ice cream.

Crocs eat this all the time.

Sydney’s my sweetheart, she’s my valentine.

Maybe Kevin at the Oldest Schoolhouse knows...



Post written by Margy Lang, author, and facilitator of the Professional Writers Group.

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