Paper Art Creations

Paper Art Creations

Hello Barrel Blog! My name is Mary Obrzut. I am an 82-year-old retired lawyer. My grandmother and mother always had a knitting or crochet needle nearby and taught me that “idle hands “ were not a good thing. So over the years I have knitted, crocheted, sewn; made ceramics, pine needle baskets, macrame creations, and now I play with paper! My booth is called “Paper Art Creations”.  

About 6 years ago I received a gift catalog that offered a kit to fold a book into “Joy” or “Read”. That inspiration started a quest to learn about folding books into art and led me to the discovery of many ways to turn paper into stunning pieces of works of art. I now fold books into words and designs, from hearts to motorcycles and guitars, and special order names

I also learned how to make German Froebel stars, and Danish folded hearts, 16 sided balls, quilled designs, origami designs, multi-layered designs, and napkin covered wine bottles with lights. 

There are such beautiful designs and papers available to work with, most of which are thrown away. The works of art I produce are meant to inspire and bring whimsy to the home.

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